Hi there. I’m Nadeem and I make videos. I’ve worked on short films, mini documentaries, weddings, music videos, learning content, and corporate videos.

I was fortunate to work in a few different roles over the years. I’ve been a Production Coordinator, Preditor, Camera Operator, and Editor.┬áMost of my experience and my favorite thing to do is editing. I love having everything in front of me and building the story for everyone to see.

I have experience in professional videography and filmmaking. I have always had a creative streak, from creating faux commercials and enjoyable films with friends to the professional video work that I specialize in today.

I can provide you with skills in different areas of production or if you prefer, I have a strong network of contacts who specialize in specific fields. My goal is to put in 100% to every project I am fortunate enough to work on.