So my buddy Lou Ferdinand hooked me up with a job, one of those times where 2 people help each other out. One of his guys (Zeke Marlee) is performing and no one to film it. So I bring my friends Vincent and Zarif to help capture the performance. I get on stage left with my Nikon D5100, Vincent is in the crowd with a Panasonic HC-X920, and Zarif is on stage right with his Canon Rebel T1i. I also had the audio technician hook up my Zoom H4n to the mixer. From there it was a whole lot of editing, color correction, image stabilization, and some After Effects work.

Zeke Marlee, this guy is good! Lou handed me his mixtape without telling me who it was and I enjoyed it, hearing him live made it better. He’s got good energy, clear delivery, and a live band makes things so much more fun. He’s got a cool message and makes it entertaining. You can find him on Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, @zekemarlee.

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